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School & Sports Physicals

An imperative first step to ensuring your kids’ health before sending them off to school, camp, or play sports.

How to get the most out of your sports physical…

With over 46 million kids participating in sports each year, making sure an athlete is okay to play is the first step in getting ready for the big game. Did you know that 62 percent of all organized sports-related injuries happen during practices rather than games? Football, basketball and soccer were found to be the top three sports where most injuries occur.

Sports physicals are largely required by athletic leagues and schools; and for good reason. They raise awareness of any issues that may interfere with your child’s ability to participate in a sport. Your healthcare provider can identify areas that may be prone to injury and suggest tips and exercises to avoid future problems. Physicians will check an athlete’s vitals, joints and flexibility. They’ll also check an athlete’s vision and do a short fitness assessment to diagnose and recommend any possible limitations on physical activity. Notifying the physician of any relevant information regarding previous hospitalizations or surgeries, illnesses or diseases within the family, medications, past injuries or allergies will help the physical run smoothly.

Even if your child has received a general physical, it is important to also receive a sports physical prior to participation in sports or physical activity. Sports physicals are more targeted and specifically focus on the physical requirements needed to play a sport. If your child is involved in sports on an on-going basis, it’s recommended they receive a sports physical annually.

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